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Vol 1 No 1 (2019): SWS Journal of Social Sciences and Art

The first issue of SWS Journal of Social Sciences and Art content part of the awarded peer reviewed articles (extended versions) – the best oral and poster presentations of SGEM 2018 and 2019 Conferences. The first six awarded article presents high-level research in the field of modern science, language and linguistics, sociology and healthcare, architecture and design.

The SWS Journal Social Sciences and Art is available online as well as on print version. This year the Journal will publish 3 issues with awarded peer reviewed articles and from the 2020 year will be opened to all manuscripts related to these fields.   

Published: 2019-07-21
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SWS Journal of Social Sciences and Arts is a quarterly multidisciplinary peer-reviewed academic research Journal, published on print and online in Vienna, Austria by SGEM WORLD SCIENCE (SWS) International Society.

The primary objectives of the Journal are to publish original scientific articles, dedicated to the main innovative scientific areas of Social Sciences and Arts, based in 6 scientific sections:

  • Modern science
  • Ancient science
  • Science & society
  • Science & humanities
  • Urban planning, architecture & design
  • Science & arts

The Journal scope covers significant developments in all areas of Sciences and Arts, with a total of 28 scientific fields from ancient to modern science.

The global objectives of the Journal examine the nature of disciplinary and interdisciplinary scientific concepts that arise in the context of ‘real world’ applications. It also interrogates what constitutes ‘Science’ in a Social context, and the connections between Social Sciences and Arts. The focus of the paper’s ranges from the finely grained and empirical principles to wide-ranging multidisciplinary practices and perspectives on knowledge and method.